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“CORAL METHANE” - First combined LNG/Ethylene/LPG carrier of 7,500 m3 capacity in service

11 May 2009

After a successful gas trial on May 7th this year, the world’s first combined LNG/Ethylene/LPG Carrier with dual fuel propulsion system, MV 'CORAL METHANE', was put into service in Norway. This is a major milestone for TGE Marine Gas Engineering, who designed the vessel and provided the gas plant, as it reconfirms TGE’s market leading position for mid-scale LNG solutions.

The Coral Methane achieves firsts not only in LNG but also on environmentally benchmarks by its unique employment of a dual fuel diesel electric propulsion system, and in terms of its ability to handle a broad range of operating conditions.
TGE Marine Gas Engineering has engineered and delivered all gas plant equipment including cargo tanks to the shipyard Remontova, Poland, while TGE’s in-house department for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering developed the general concept of this new type of gas carrier in close co-operation with the Owner and operator, Anthony Veder group of Holland.
Jan Valkier, Managing Director of Anthony Veder says:

“For our company this vessel is a big step forward in the distribution of clean energy. We are delighted with TGE’s excellent service in this project and we are currently also developing other innovative gas shipping projects together with TGE, which are related to the reduction of CO2 emissions.”
The CORAL METHANE has a cargo capacity of 7,500 m³ provided by two cylindrical cargo tanks, a dual fuel diesel electric propulsion system, two Azipull thrusters for optimum manoeuvrability, Class leading notations for ice and cold environment operation given the need to operate in severe Arctic conditions. As required by the charterer, GASNOR from Norway, the vessel is designed to distribute LNG cargo in coastal and narrow fjords. A special feature of the ship is the ability to trade multi-cargoes with temperatures ranging from -163°C up to +45°C including ethylene, propylene, LPG and other petrochemical gases.
The new TGE gas plant design for this LNG/multigas carrier is based on the well proven TGE Ethylene Carrier standard, enhanced with new TGE developments to cope with the requirements for LNG trade in arctic regions and LNG-terminals of standard size.
TGE’s upgrade includes a fuel gas processing plant using small submerged motor pumps, an additional elevated LNG cross-over on top of the compressor house to fit to the loading arm envelope of jetties designed for 150.000 m³ vessels, a deck tank for LNG/multigas as well as a PSA-type nitrogen plant foreseen for quick cargo changing procedures. Furthermore deepwell cargo pumps were implemented for the first time for LNG, which have been developed by a world leading manufacturer in close co-operation with TGE’s engineers. These enhancements result in high trading flexibility, hence the vessel may trade ethylene or other petrochemical gases in times where the LNG demand is low.
The “CORAL METHANE” is a new generation of environmentally friendly and highly flexible LNG/multigas carriers, which will play a vital role in the future for coastal area or island supply.
TGE is currently engaged in several projects for small scale LNG distribution in the Mediterranean and Carribean islands.


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