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4th LNG bunker vessel for TGE Marine

30 Nov 2017

As recently announced the 7,500 m3 LNG/Ethylene carrier 'Coral Methane’ will be trading as LNG bunker vessel under a Charter to Shell.

To facilitate the LNG bunker service ship owner Anthony Veder will retrofit the vessel with a LNG chiller system and a hose based LNG bunker transfer system with TGE Marine support.
As original designer and supplier of the cargo handling system of the Coral Methane TGE will be responsible for the integration design of the LNG Chiller and the LNG STS system.
Together with the three successfully delivered bunker vessels with TGE’s systems (Shell’s ‘Cardissa’, Gas4Seas’s ‘ENGIE Zeebrugge’ and Skangass’ ‘Coralius’) this adds the fourths bunker vessel with a TGE Marine system.
The 1st picture shows the Coral Methane during its maiden LNG STS transfer at the gas trial already executed in (2009)

Even the 15,600 m3 LNG shuttle carrier ‘Coral Energy’ with a cargo system delivered by TGE Marine has been showcasing its capability to be used for bunker supply during a STS transfer to one of Terntank’s vessels (see 2nd picture). This shows the high flexibility of TGE’s small scale LNG and bunker vessel designs.

ship-to-ship transfer of LNG for Gas Trial 'Coral Methane'
ship-to-ship LNG bunkering Copyright: Port of Gothenburg


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