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TGE Marine is a market-leading provider of engineering services for the design and supply of gas carriers, fuel gas systems and offshore units. We deliver turnkey solutions for engineering, design, procurement and construction supervision (EPCS) of marine gas handling and storage systems as well as vessel designs. We specialise in the containment and handling of cryogenically stored gases, and are the market leader in the ethylene carrier and small LNG carrier segment.

TGE Marine is a pioneer in the dynamic field of LNG fuel gas systems, LNG bunkering and LNG floating units (FSU,FSRU). The company partners closely with ship owners and shipyards to offer design-led engineering expertise in the conversion of conventional HFO engines to LNG fuel gas systems.

Most of our customers are commercial shipyards which build gas carrier ships. To date, we have supplied gas handling and storage systems to more than 200 gas carriers constructed at more than 20 shipyards across Europe, Asia and South America. Since 1989, we have been operating in China and have supplied gas plants for the vast majority of gas carriers built for international shipowners.

Our contracts have included the world's largest purpose-built ethylene carrier and the world's largest LPG FSO. Furthermore, we were responsible for the design and delivery of the cargo system and cargo tanks for the Coral Methane, the first combined LNG/ethylene carrier with an electric propulsion system as well as for the gas handling system for the Coral Energy, the first LNG-carrier directly driven by a dual fuel main engine. Most recently we have engineered and delivered the LNG fuel gas skid for the conversion of the Rasheeda, one of the Qmax carriers of the Nakilat fleet.

Our latest achievements comprise the engineering and delivery of the cargo system with tanks for all three LNG bunker ships which will be delivered to the European market in the first half of 2017.

Strategic goals:

  • Providing technical excellence at highly competitive prices
    Our two most important goals are technological excellence and execution efficiency in delivering outstanding value to shipyards and shipowners alike.
  • Capturing new opportunities in LNG, fuel gas systems and floating storages
    We have committed substantial research and development expenditure toward evolving our core products in order to address new markets (e.g. small LNG, LNG fuel gas systems and LNG floaters) and utilise new technologies.
Video: TGE Marine
Video: TGE Marine


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