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Gas carriers

Gas Carriers

Up to now, TGE Marine has designed and supplied complete cargo handling systems and cargo tanks to more than 200 gas tankers and gas offshore units built at more than 20 shipyards across Europe, Asia, and South America for all major gas shipping companies and pools. Over the last 15 years TGE Marine has become the industry leader for sophisticated small LNG carriers and ethylene carriers holding a market share of approx. 55% for the latter. Our references include pioneering projects such as

  • Engie Zeebrugge – the world's first LNG bunker ship of 5,100 m³ capacity
  • Navigator Aurora – the world's largest Ethylene/Ethane carrier of 37,000 m³ capacity
  • Hai Yang Shi You 301 – the world’s largest LNG-carrier with bi-lobe type C tanks of 30,000 m3 capacity
  • Coral Energy – the world's first direct driven dual fuel LNG carrier of 15,600 m³ capacity
  • Coral Methane – the world’s first combined LNG/ethylene carrier with capacity of 7,500 m³ with a dual fuel electric propulsion system and bunkering capability
  • Liberdade – when delivered in 2003, the LPG FSO for the Bayu-Undan gas field was the world’s biggest floating LPG storage solution

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26 Nov 2018
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