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CO2 liquefaction and shipping

CO2 Liquefaction and shipping
  • Carbon capture and storage schemes (CCS) are being closely investigated in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Liquefaction and shipping of CO2 to depleted oil and gas fields is a very flexible option compared to pipeline transportation.
  • TGE Marine has established new concepts for CO2 liquefaction and transportation. In order to save energy TGE Marine has developed a liquefaction process at a pressure level of 18 bar and has investigated special high-strength steel for low temperature fabrication of CO2 storage
  • A patent application is pending.

PDF: Design concept for 40,000 m³ floating CO<sub>2</sub> FLSO
PDF: Design concept for 40,000 m³ floating CO2 FLSO

Video: CO<sub>2</sub> liquefaction and shipping
Video: CO2 liquefaction and shipping

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