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Two contracts for gas handling system signed with STX

14 Dec 2007
Two new contracts have been signed with STX Shipbuilding for the design and supply of gas handling systems for a 9.000 cbm […] more


9 Oct 2007
In August 2007 the 17,000 cbm LEG/LPG carrier “CLIPPER HEBE” has been completed at the German MEYER YARD. The ship is […] more

Another 16,500 cbm LPG-/Ammonia-/VCM-Carrier signed

1 Oct 2007
A complementary contract for a 16.500 cbm LPG-/Ammonia-/VCM-carrier has been signed between TGE Gas Engineering GmbH and […] more

First gas carrier delivered for Bernhardt Schulte

10 Sep 2007
In July 2007 TGE has successfully completed the gas trial for “CHRISTOPH SCHULTE”. It is the first of a series of three […] more

First ship delivered for Lauritzen Kosan

30 Jul 2007
In June TGE has successfully completed the “ISABELLA KOSAN”. The ship is the first of a series of ten 8,000 cbm LPG/ […] more

Contract for two 16,500 cbm LPG-/Ammonia-/VCM-Carriers

19 Jul 2007
A contract for the design and supply of gas handling systems including cargo tank material packages for two 16.500 cbm […] more

2 x 8,000 cbm LEG-/LPG-/Ammonia-/VCM-Carrier signed

9 Feb 2007
On 9th February 2007 a contract for the design and supply of the gas handling system including cargo tanks for two 8.000 cbm […] more

19th TGE Marine Symposium to take place on June 23rd in Bonn

1 Jun 2017
End of June this year, TGE Marine will host its renowned Symposium in Bonn, Germany. In its 19th edition the Symposium […] more

Changes in top management of TGE Marine

27 Mar 2017
After almost 30 years with the company TGE Marine’s CEO Manfred Küver has not extended his service contract and retires […] more

Gastech 2017

9 Mar 2017
TGE Marine is pleased to announce its presence at Gastech 2017 taking place in Tokyo from April 4 to 7. TGE will share […] more

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