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Three new gas tankers launched

18 Jan 2008

In September the gas trial for “HELENA KOSAN” has been carried out at Ulsan in Korea followed by the sister ship “OCEAN PRISM”, which has been completed in December 2007. The two ships belong to a series of ten 8,000 cbm LPG/ Ethylene-Carrier built at Sekwang Heavy Industries in Ulsan, Korea for the Danish Shipowner Lauritzen-Kosan. The TGE scope comprises the detail engineering and design of the cargo handling system and the delivery of the gas handling equipment including cargo tanks. Furthermore the construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning as well as performance tests of the entire gas handling system were supervised by TGE engineers. The cargo tanks have been constructed under TGE supervision at Jiangnan Heavy Industries in Shanghai in accordance with TGE tank design.

In December 2007 the 17,000 cbm LEG/LPG carrier “CLIPPER HELEN” has been completed at the German MEYER WERFT. The ship is the second of a series of four gas carriers for the Norwegian Shipowner Solvang ASA. During gas trial in Norway the gas plant has been tested successfully with Ethylene cargo under supervision of TGE engineers and has proven its excellent performance.

The TGE scope comprises detail engineering, the design of the cargo handling system and of cargo deck tanks and the delivery of the gas handling equipment. Furthermore the construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and performance tests where supervised by TGE.


4th LNG bunker vessel for TGE Marine

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Successful completion and commissioning of the LNG fuel gas conversion of the WES AMELIE

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